[New Podcast] A Conversation with Smart Foundry’s Johannes Lutainulwa On Rifaly For Business – An African Digital Content Aggregation Platform.

In this conversation, we delved into the promising world of African digital content with Johannes Lutainulwa from Smart Foundry on their Rifaly for Business offering that was recently launched.

Rifaly is revolutionizing how content creators and media publishers across Africa can monetize their content at scale whether it’s newspapers, magazines, radio, podcasts, or video.

Johannes was able to shed light on the unique value proposition of Rifaly, differentiating it from global giants like YouTube and Spotify. He highlighted Rifaly’s robust model that benefits both individual content creators and businesses, offering features like backdated content access, dedicated account management, and an intuitive user experience.

As Rifaly plans its expansion across Kenya and the wider African continent, the discussion touched on its mission, anticipated challenges, and the bright future of digital content in Africa.

Dive in to discover the evolution of African digital content and how Rifaly is championing this transformation. You can also sign up for Rifaly for Business at ⁠https://www.rifaly.com/business ⁠for a 7-day free trial and access digital content from Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda.

Listen To The Podcast Below:

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