[New Video & Podcast] A Conversation with VISA Everywhere Initiative Kenya 2023 Winners Radhika Bhachu of Ndovu & Nelson Aseka of AIfluence.

Kenya stands out as a hub of innovation, and in this conversation, we get up close and personal with two entrepreneurs at the forefront of digital transformation that is sweeping across Kenya. Nelson Aseka of AIfluence and Radhika Bhachu of Ndovu, recently emerged as winners at the Kenya edition of the Visa Everywhere Initiative.

The Visa Everywhere Initiative is a global startup engagement program that tasks start-ups to solve payment challenges of tomorrow, further enhance their own product proposition and provide visionary solutions for Visa and their vast network of partners. Therefore, Nelson’s and Radhika’s accolades recognize their game-changing solutions in local and global payments and commerce.

In our conversation, Radhika introduced Ndovu as a pioneering fintech firm aimed at addressing gaps in the realm of wealth management. Their model focuses on democratizing wealth management for both individuals and businesses, tapping into the massive potential fintech has for empowering MSMEs.

On the other hand, Nelson shed light on AIfluence’s unique proposition. Positioned as a transformative player in the influencer marketing arena, AIfluence harnesses the power of AI to identify trusted voices for brand promotion, ensuring authenticity and tailoring solutions for diverse global audiences. Both startups underscore the richness of Africa’s tech landscape, embodying innovation, passion, and purpose.

What’s remarkable about Nelson and Radhika is their shared journey through the Visa Everywhere Initiative. Their stories were filled with challenges and triumphs. While AIfluence’s double win at both the Kenya Finals and the Audience Favourite award at the CEMEA finals positions them for future prospects, partnerships like the one with Visa greatly amplify Ndovu’s mission and reach.

Both Nelson and Radhika spoke candidly about their inspirations, the challenges faced, and how the competition has shaped their visions for the future. The future of fintech and digital solutions in Africa, according to them, is bright and full of promise. When I asked them about their visions for the next 2 to 10 years, they painted vivid images of growth, expansion, and deeper impact. They see their companies not just as businesses but as catalysts for change in the African digital landscape.

As we concluded our enlightening session, one thing became clear: Kenya’s digital leadership in Africa and globally is unmatched. With leaders like Nelson and Radhika at the helm, the future looks nothing short of revolutionary!

Watch The Video Below:

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