[New Podcast] A Conversation with Alice Munyua, Senior Director of Africa Mradi at Mozilla Corporation.

Dr. Alice Munyua (Alice) is someone I have known for the better part of two decades as a pioneer and integral part of Kenya’s digital ecosystem in a myriad of ways. I really got to know Alice when we both served on the board of the Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC) which is Kenya’s .KE Country Code Top Level Domain (CCTLD) Registry over a decade ago. Since then, Alice has taken up a number of different roles and is currently the Director of the Africa Mradi initiative at Mozilla Corporation (Mozilla).

Mozilla’s Africa Mradi enables it to use its unique identity as both a technology company and movement-building organization to commit resources and collaborate with diverse communities to invest in the growing Africa-led technological innovation sector. One cannot overstate how important Africa Mradi is as an initiative from Mozilla that is changing how the digital ecosystem in Africa can be more inclusive and empowering for all stakeholders.

Indeed, this podcast only happened due to the fact that Alice was in Nairobi at the time on the back of the Mozilla Africa Mradi Innovation Week that took place at Nairobi’s Arboretum on the 26 and 27th June 2023 in partnership with the Nairobi City Country Government. The event aimed to promote innovative solutions from startups and developers in various fields including Healthtech, E-government, EdTech, Fintech, AgTech, Gaming/Creative, Cybersecurity, etc.

In this conversation, we got to discuss Alice’s origin story from growing up in Kenya to her first job in Rwanda, being the architect of Kenya’s first ICT policy as well as a key driver behind the domestication of the DotAfrica domain initiative, and all the way to where she is at Mozilla leading the Africa Mradi program. Alice is unapologetically keen on ensuring Kenya and the rest of Africa gain from the global technology ecosystem in a way that is inclusive and equitable for all stakeholders via Mozilla’s diverse and relevant offerings!

You can watch the podcast here:

You can listen to the podcast here:

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