[New Video & Audio Podcast] EdTech Mondays Kenya June 2023 Edition: Accelerating Blended Learning In Kenya.

The objective of Kenya’s Ministry of Education (MoE) is to provide quality education and training that prepares learners to competitively thrive within a highly integrated, technology-oriented, and information-based global economy. As a result, technology is being used in educational institutions to support the teaching, learning, and management processes.

Blended learning is an approach to education in which traditional in-person classes are supplemented or supported with technology and learners take advantage of both online and offline resources. Pedagogy is the combination of teaching methods (what instructors do), learning activities (what instructors ask their students to do), and learning assessments (the assignments, projects, or tasks that measure student learning).

From this perspective, for blended learning to succeed, the pedagogical approach must be adapted accordingly for teachers or educators to do so successfully. This means that they need to acquire the necessary teaching skills and use technology-based tools to ensure quality learning outcomes.

In the June 2023 edition of EdTech Mondays Kenya conversation, we explored the current state of blended learning in Kenya with a focus on the CBC from the perspectives of teachers as well as EdTech solution providers who make it all possible. The panel that I moderated included Lucy Wamiru Gichira, a teacher from Kirinyaga County, Jennifer Wanjiru Mureithi, a Curriculum Support Officer (CSO) from Inoi Zone Kirinyaga Central in Kirinyaga County, and Lucy Maina from IREX.

Watch The Video Podcast Here:

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