A Conversation With HID’s Colin Herbert Howell & Natascha Trivisas On Realising Trusted Identity Solutions For Kenya’s & Africa’s Citizens & Governments.

This is a conversation I had with Colin Herbert Howell and Natascha Trivisas from HID, a global leader in trusted identity solutions on their latest innovations in document design, biometric technologies, and secure issuance solutions that are changing the game when it comes to design, security, enrolment, authentication, and verification.

Colin and Natascha were in Nairobi in late May 2023 for the ID4Africa Conference. ID4Africa is a non-governmental organization dedicated to assisting African nations develop and strengthen public and technical systems for identity-related solutions and applications to serve the development and humanitarian action.

Colin is Senior Designer at HID where he designed the award-winning Estonia Passport, won the London Design Gold award for the UK Passport, and leads professional design workshops around the world. He has also spearheaded the design of many African passports as well as government documents. Most notably, he has been involved in the design of the Kenya Shilling banknotes and identity documents including passports for Rwanda, Kenya, and Sierra Leone.

Natascha is Global Marketing Communications Director – Citizen ID at HID. She has over 13 years of experience in Marketing Communications, PR, Media, Government Relations, and Product Marketing within the B2B and B2G industry with expertise in identity and biometric solutions. She is focused on seeing the big picture while giving the right amount of attention to the small details and has a passion for design.

During our engaging conversation, I got incredible insights into what HID does from a Citizen ID perspective in Kenya and the rest of Africa as well as the sheer scope and complexity of what is required to make HID’s offerings in this area work securely and reliably on a global level. We also got to discuss HID’s robust and award-winning document designs with integrated chips that store the holder’s biometric data, color portrait, and HID’s exclusive technologies which combine five methods of security that make documents like passports extremely difficult to reproduce.

What HID does in Africa matters given that from birth to death in any context your identity matters. for a myriad of reasons and use cases. You can’t do many things if your identity is not verifiable and authentic. HID is working to ensure that some 500 million people in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) without any form of official identification as well as African governments will have the tools needed to issue secure, official IDs, drivers licenses, and passports, thus allowing citizens to prove their identities and access essential services like healthcare, education, and finance.

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