EdTech Mondays Kenya April 2023 Edition: Digital Literacy – A Crucial Component of 21st Century Skills.

In the March 2023 edition of EdTech Mondays Kenya, we explored foundational literacy and numeracy: a child’s ability to read basic texts, write clearly and solve basic mathematics problems such as addition and subtraction. We explored how technology can be a key enabler for foundational literacy and numeracy and how hybrid models of learning can improve foundational learning outcomes. 

Foundational literacy and numeracy are essential skills for people to navigate the world around them. However, in a world that is increasingly digitized – where government services, banking, and many jobs require citizens to use digital tools – traditional literacy and numeracy are not enough. Digital literacy is required for people to successfully and safely exist in a digital society. 

The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of ICT and Innovation have both emphasized the importance of digital literacy for learners and citizens and are making large investments to ensure all Kenyans have the knowledge and skills to be able to navigate this new digital world. 

Since 2015 the Digital Literacy Programme, the government’s flagship e-learning initiative, has aimed to increase the digital literacy of learners through ICT integration in public schools. Additionally, digital literacy is one of the Competency-based Curriculum’s seven core competencies – signaling its importance to success in both learning and life. 

In the April 2023 edition of EdTech Mondays Kenya, we went deeper into understanding how digital literacy is a crucial component of 21st-century skills for learners of all ages. The panel for the session was as follows:

Brian Kenor: Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Coordinator, Save The Children International

Lilian Kawira Mutegi: Founder, Uptyke Consulting

Moses Kemibaro: Session Moderator

Watch The YouTube Video Here:

Listen To The Podcast Here

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