New Podcast: A Conversation with Analog Teams’ Founder & CEO Oladosu Teyibo On Building A Global Technology Services Outsourcing Business With Africa’s Best Talent.

This is a conversation I had a little while ago with Oladosu Teyibo who is the Founder and CEO of Analog Teams, a global technology services outsourcing business that’s based in the US but utilizes the best African talent to deliver high-quality services to some of the world’s largest businesses.

Teyibo is Nigerian and attended University in the US where he also happened to be a successful track and field athlete. During his time at University, he also ended up meeting Yao Adantor who is also a co-founder at Analogue Teams where they jointly embarked on the entrepreneurship journey to create what would eventually become Analog Teams today after several key pivots on their business model. 

Teyibo graduated from university and initially started his working career as a software engineer at General Dynamics before transitioning to become a business analyst as he wanted to understand how his clients’ businesses actually worked. During his time at General Dynamics, he also met Myesha Luster who also eventually became a co-founder of Analog Teams. After he left General Dynamics he started a high-end computers customization business that pivoted into a car dealership services business as well as a haircare business.

This set the stage to create Analog Teams and led him to live in Kenya for a year to better understand how the Safaricom M-Pesa mobile money ecosystem worked as they saw an opportunity to tap into this space from an entrepreneurial perspective.  He then moved to Nigeria and this led to an epiphany that there was great and hungry talent in Africa for technology services to deliver solutions to global businesses. 

Since its last pivot, Analog Teams has grown massively and has outsourced talent across the African continent in markets like Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and others. At the core, what makes Analog Teams unique is that they work to the highest standards and are globally competitive in their offerings. The culture is very much based on being accountable for outcomes and ensuring that there is an aspect of being there for all the team members and their well-being.

Analog Teams is also keen to ensure that their teams can do great purposeful work and can also be proud of what they are doing there for their clients. Indeed, according to Oladosu their recruitment process is highly rigorous to ensure that they not only hire for competence but also for the right attitude given the ambition that they have for Analog Teams. In the last six 6 years or so Analog Teams has managed to hire and train 100+ team members and have skilled them up so that they are much more capable from they joined even if they eventually move on to other opportunities. 

However, what fascinates me the most is that Analog Teams has a business model that leverages a local presence in key international client markets whilst adopting global best practices and outsourcing business processes using African-based technology talent. Other global businesses are doing similar things from a technology services outsourcing perspective that leverage talent in or from Africa but Analog Teams is founded and managed by a team from Africa which makes them somewhat unique.

Analog Teams also grew substantially during the pandemic and they have big plans going forward to grow their business to focus on outsourcing recruitment for technology talent for clients as potentially yet another pivot of sorts. Have a listen and I hope you enjoy our conversation! @ https://bit.ly/3SJJXVz

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