New Podcast: A Brief Conversation With Little App’s Founder & CEO Kamal Budhabhatti On The Just Introduced 18% Commission Cap For Taxi Hailing App Services In Kenya

This is a conversation I had with Kamal Budhabhatti, the founder and CEO of Little App on the 18% commission cap for taxi-hailing apps In Kenya that was announced earlier this week by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. Little App is not really being affected by this new development since they already have a low commission rate of only 15% which is actually below the newly introduced commission cap.

However, the likes of Uber and Bolt in Kenya have been charging a commission of as much as 25% for every trip that their drivers make which has remained unchanged even as fuel prices in Kenya have increased sharply. The fallout of this situation has meant many drivers have been adversely affected and are not making enough money to operate their taxi-hailing services.

In our conversation, Kamal shared the Little App perspective on how they have been able to keep their commissions so low and how they plan to keep going in the event Uber and Bolt may take extreme measures to suspend services in Kenya as was the case in Tanzania a couple of months ago. Have a listen to hear Kamal’s point of view on what could become a highly pivotal moment in Kenya’s taxi-hailing app services sector for service providers, drivers, and riders. Listen here ->

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