New Podcast: An Interview With Moses Nderitu, BasiGo’s Chief Revenue Officer, A Serial Entrepreneur & Kenya’s Leading Electric Mobility Evangelist.

This is an interview I had this week with Moses Nderitu who I have known for the better part of 20 years or longer since he used to run a video and events production company called Level One Productions. Moses is someone I would describe as a classic serial entrepreneur having started other successful companies since then such as Excloosive and Koto Housing. At this time, Moses is the Chief Revenue Officer BasiGo, an electric mobility start-up looking to revolutionize Kenya’s public transportation sector by providing public transport bus owners with a cost-effective electric alternative to diesel. However, from my perspective, Moses is easily one of Kenya’s leading evangelists for all kinds and types of electric mobility.

In our conversation, Moses shared how he got hooked on all things electric mobility when he spent one month or so in China back in 2013. He saw how the majority of couriers used electric scooters to do deliveries all over the city he was in and that such transportation was already mainstream at the time. He gradually saw how this was growing globally in the following years which led him to intentionally explore possibilities in Kenya for electric mobility. One thing that he said in the interview that stuck with me is the radical idea that given that Kenya produces most of its electricity from renewable energy sources like geothermal, hydro, and wind it could potentially supply the same for electric mobility at scale instead of Kenya using imported fuel-based energy. Have a listen here!

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