The OPPO Reno 7 Review: A Premium Smartphone For Everyone.

Before I get started, I have a confession to make. It’s been a number of years since I last did a smartphone review so I am a little rusty in this respect. In fact, the last time I used an entirely new phone as a daily driver was well before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and as such a lot has changed in smartphone land in that time.

It could just be that using a brand spanking new smartphone with all the latest bells and whistles makes everything seems that much better and as such, I have tried to restrain myself in making this review as impartial and balanced as possible and I do apologize in advance if this does not come through due to my possibly unrestrained enthusiasm. That being said, there is a lot to be excited about in this review of the OPPO Reno 7 that was launched last week in Kenya.

OPPO as a mobile phone brand has built a formidable global presence and has managed to become a trusted brand in Kenya since it launched. One thing that OPPO has been known for has always been high-quality smartphones and it’s clear that there is a lot riding on the recent launch of the Reno 7 series in Kenya and globally given the amount of marketing activity that has been invested in making it a success.

The Reno 7 series is clearly a breakthrough smartphone that they expect to sell in large numbers in Kenya from what I can tell. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the reasons why the OPPO Reno 7 is worth considering as your next smartphone.

A Refined & Elegant Form Factor.

The overall design or ‘look and feel’ of the Reno 7 is impressive! It looks clean and distinctive all around. with the camera module on the back being one of its most distinctive and memorable features. The ‘finish’ in terms of the body of the Reno 7 has a shimmering metallic look that captures light in interesting ways. This has been achieved by using a laser-based etching process.

One of the really nice things though is that it does not leave any fingerprints on the back when you handle it! The Reno 7 I am using came in the Starry Black finish which looks really good. The Reno 7 is not overly sized and sits quite comfortably in your hand. It is also surprisingly slim as well as light at only 174 g when you hold it for the first time.

A Vivid & Crisp Screen.

The screen on the Reno 7 is bright and vivid and features a 6.4-inch AMOLED display that has small bezels on the edges and a tiny chin at the bottom. One thing that really stands out about the screen is that it comes with 90Hz refresh rate unlike the majority of smartphones today that still operate with 60Hz refresh rates. Put simply, having a higher refresh reduces motion blur and feel smoother as well as, making the screen appear sharper and feel more responsive or faster when you scroll for instance.

This is instantly apparent when you handle the Reno 7 for the first time and before long it becomes something you take for granted. I have watched lots of movies and live sports on the Reno 7 and I was impressed at how crisp everything looked on it at all times. I am not really a gamer so I never did test that aspect out but Reno 7 screen has also been optimized for a really great gaming experience. Lastly, the screen is encased on Corning Gorilla Glass5 meaning that’s durable and resistant to cracks and scratches.

Superior & Multifaceted Security.

The Reno 7 is a secure smartphone on so many levels. It comes with a really responsive under-screen fingerprint sensor that is how I normally open it up. You can also open it using a standard passcode or any of the usual means of opening a smartphone. However, it also comes with facial recognition that is remarkably fast and accurate which was a surprise at first and still catches me off-guard.

The Reno 7 also comes with a security feature that can ‘sense’ whenever someone else is also viewing your screen so that it disables notifications in its ‘privacy’ mode. So it goes without saying that the Reno 7 will protect your data in a myriad of ways to give you much-needed peace of mind whenever you use it.

A Killer Camera System For Every Shot.

The crown jewel or most prominent aspect of the Reno 7 is undoubtedly the camera system. Everything about this device screams that the cameras are where it really shines. The Reno 7 is equipped with 32MP front-facing camera that has been manufactured by Sony based on an OPPO design. This camera guarantees sharper clearer and brighter unlimited selfie portrait images. The same camera is also equipped with bokeh flare portrait, selfie HDR, and AI portrait enhancement so that you get picture-perfect selfies at all times.

The rear-facing camera module on the Reno 7 houses a 64MP camera, an 8MP 118-degree ultra-wide camera and a 2MP macro camera with 15x to 30x magnification. The pictures I took in both good and bad light conditions are a testament to how capable the Reno 7 is in all scenarios based on the extensive features and functionalities of its camera system. The video capabilities of the Reno 7 are also impressive with the main rear camera being able to handle 4K video at 30fps and 1080p video at 30 fps, 60 fps, and 120fps.

Fast Charging & Long Battery Life.

The Reno 7 comes with fast charging capabilities thanks to the 65W Super VOOC charger that can boost the battery from 0 to 100 % in just 31 minutes! This is incredible in itself but the Reno 7 also comes with a massive 4,500 mAh meaning that it has the ability to work comfortably for a whole day and more without needing a recharge.

This potent combination of fast charging and long battery life makes the Reno 7 easily one of the best smartphones I have ever used from this perspective. You can even fast charge it up for just 5 minutes and that will still give you plenty of battery life for the next couple of hours. This is game-changing technology for those who need a smartphone that is always online and can provide a full-day non-stop productivity, communication, or entertainment.

A Fast Processor & Fast Connections.

The processor at the heart of the Reno 7 is the octa-core MediaTek Dimensity 900. The Reno 7 runs on Android 11 which makes it work really well. The Reno 7 also has connections-lots of fast connections! The first and most notable is that the Reno 7 used is the 5G model. This is the pricier Reno 7 due to the extra networking capabilities it has built into the device but given that 5G will be mainstream in a few years’ time in Kenya this means you can invest in the future today. The Reno 7 is also equipped with 4G as expected but also comes with Wi-Fi 6 which is the latest and fastest version of Wi-Fi in the world today.

A Fair Price For A Slice Of The Future.

The OPPO Reno 7 is available in Kenya in Sunset Orange and Cosmic Black in all OPPO and Safaricom stores in Kenya. It is also available online from Jumia, Kilimall, and SkyGarden. The Reno 7 models being sold in Kenya at this time are the 6GB RAM + 128 GB ROM, the 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM and lastly, the 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM (available in 4G and 5G versions) are priced at Kes. 42,999 (4G) and Kes. 59,999 (5G).

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