Opera Ads Launches Opera Ad Manager, A Self-Serve Digital Advertising Platform To Target Audiences On Opera Mini, Opera For Android, & Opera News.

Opera as a mobile web browser is incredibly popular throughout Africa on feature phones and smartphones. This is also the case in Kenya and East Africa where the combined user base across Opera’s various mobile platforms is 25 million monthly active users (MAUs). Kenya leads with 12 million users (that’s approximately the same number of users Facebook has in Kenya too – it’s a lot of users!) followed by Tanzania with 6.5 million users, Uganda with 3.5 million users, and Rwanda with 2.4 million users.

Opera Mini as a mobile browser became really popular in the years preceding the arrival of smartphones as we know them today since it lets users access the web on really basic feature phons and at the same time, it compressed data and content so that websites loaded quickly and ‘sipped’ your data bundles. Naturally, as consumers in Kenya, East Africa, and the rest of Africa moved over to smartphones, Opera launched their Android mobile browser which also has many of the data-saving benefits of Opera Mini, as well as many other features such as easy file sharing and ad blocking that have kept users on their platform(s).

During the last couple of years, Opera launched Opera Ads, their advanced digital advertising offering that offers a range of advertising capabilities. However, Opera Ads until now was only accessible to large(r) digital advertisers either directly or via digital media agencies who booked campaigns via insertion orders. This meant that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) could not take advantage of Opera Ads’ impressive reach and targetting capabilities within Kenya and beyond, until today.

Opera Ads just announced Opera Ad Manager, their self-serve digital advertising offering. This is a massive step forward since all you need to do is sign-up online (as you would for Facebook Ads or Google Ads), add your credit card, create your digital advertising campaign and start targetting millions of potential customers with digital ads on Opera Mini, Opera for Android and Opera News (Opera’s news aggregator).

Opera Ad Manager is designed to let anyone create, manage, and report on digital advertising campaigns in one place allowing advertisers to reach customers in all phases of their journey from discovery to conversion, even with modest digital campaign budgets. Opera Ad Manager is powered by DanAds, a leading provider of customizable and scalable self-serve digital ad tech infrastructure for leading digital publishers.

Some of the key benefits of using Opera Ad Manager are as follows:

  • Ease of use and freedom of choice: Starting a campaign has never been simpler thanks to the straightforward and easily accessible platform. At every stage it is possible to view all available options and play with the variables. This freedom of choice is what makes self-service advertising so popular.
  • Full control of campaigns: Manage your creatives, scheduling, spending and targeting with fully transparent results. From custom reporting and analytics for the campaigns visualized with online graphs and tables to the easy export options.
  • Reach: All the necessary tools to reach millions of potential users around the globe are presented on the platform.
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