5 Reasons Why The OPPO A71 Is A Great Entry-Level Mid-Range Smartphone

OPPO is a mobile device brand that I have never used before so it was something of a new experience getting the A71 smartphone a few weeks ago to review. The dual-sim OPPO A71 launched in Kenya in late September 2017 and really started selling well around October 2017. It’s what I would call an ‘entry-level mid-range’ smartphone give its price point of approximately Kes. 20,000.00 depending on where you pick it up.

Using the OPPO A71 was a great experience in that I found myself discovering an entirely new mobile device and brand at the same time. One thing is certain though, OPPO is clearly making great smartphones and their overall ‘finish and fit’ is above the average when compared to the numerous smartphone brands available in Kenya at this juncture. Indeed, you just have to look at the OPPO’s branded shops sprouting in Nairobi to get a sense that they are all about a premium customer experience at all levels.

The way I do smartphone reviews is that I do not dwell too much on all the technical details but rather focus on the features and functionalities that the average person should find useful or relevant when making a purchase decision. Therefore, when locking down the 5 reasons why I would consider the OPPO A71, this is what counted for me.

The Back Facing Camera

I was pleasantly surprised when I took a good number of pictures using the OPPO A71. The images were clear and crisp, even in low light conditions as you can see below. The back facing camera is 13-megapixels of sheer delight! It also has comes with an F/2.2 aperture meaning that its able to take great pictures due to a shallow depth of field.

The camera also comes with lots of effects and filters meaning that there is lots of flexibility in terms of what you can do with the images before and after you take them. Combine that with excellent video capabilities including 4K or UHD and you have a pretty amazing package given the relatively low price of the OPPO A71.

The Battery Life

The OPPO A71 comes with an impressive 3,000 mAh battery. What this means is that once its fully charged, you should be able to get a full day of use without needing to recharge. I did this myself on quite a few occasions and I was impressed with how well the battery use went for a whole day.

Battery life is increasingly a major factor for smartphone users given that it can make all the difference when being next to power source is not always possible, or practical? There is a good reason why power banks have become more or less essential to the typical smartphone user sporting anything with a large screen. Therefore, a smartphone that can hold its own for a whole day is definitely a solid tick for me.

The Design & Build

I had a black OPPO A71 to use for a couple of weeks. It has a somewhat stealthy look in that it has a black matt finish to it even though its actually made from aluminum. At first glance, I did not really take to it but over time it grew on me and I loved it more and more every day. From a design perspective, it features a unibody design that has essentially become de rigueur these days for modern and premium smartphones.

However, being an entry-level mid-range smartphone, it looks decent and feels high quality. One of the perks is that its quite thin when you hold it which in many ways for me is reminiscent of premium smartphones. The overall design reminds me of the typical current iPhone in terms of how the speakers are located at the base as well as the overall build quality. It does not look cheap – it looks great!

The Beautiful Screen

 The screen on the OPPO A71 is a delight to behold. Its clean and crisp. It looks like it belongs on a much more expensive smartphone. It’s a 5.2 inch screen with a 720 X 1280 resolution. I did a lot of ‘stuff’ on the screen from watching movies to working on it as I normally would with various productivity applications. I am still stunned at the value for money that the modern budget smartphone represents given how good the screen on the OPPO A71 looks. The HD screen on the A71 is good and basically you will enjoy using it at all times.

4G Internet Connectivity

The OPPO A71 comes with 4G data connectivity. What this means is that if you can connect to Safaricom’s or Telkom Kenya’s 4G networks you can expect to access fast Internet speeds. I know that 4G has become increasingly mainstream for the past couple of years or so in Kenya since it became widely available but for a long time the price of 4G capable smartphones was prohibitive.

The OPPO A71 shows that you can get a 4G capable smartphone at a fair price plus all the other bells and whistles that the modern consumer has come to expect. Using the OPPO A71 to go online directly or as a hotspot was a pure joy and the speeds never did fail to impress. I ran it on both the Telkom Kenya and Safaricom 4G networks and was pleasantly happy at the overall performance in both instances. This OPPO A71 is a solid 4G smartphone!

The Fast Processor & Large Memory

The OPPO A71 comes with a 64 bit Octa-Core Processor in the form of a MediaTek 1.5GHz Cortex-A53. It also comes with 3GB of RAM for memory. This potent combination means that the OPPO A71 is can handle lots of applications concurrently and do so quickly. AimplS put, in my experience, even with loads of mobile apps open and multitasking frequently between them, I was a happy bunny! The OPPO A71 did NOT disappoint and felt more like a flagship smartphone rather than something significantly less capable.

Once again, I am bowled over by the sort of value for money that one can get with smartphones like the OPPO A71. It’s getting really hard to distinguish between what a mid-or high-end smartphone is these days – the lines are blurring, fast. Sure, the OPPO A71 has a measly 16 GB of on-board storage and does not feature a fingerprint sensor as well as some of the other features we are now seeing on other mid-range smartphones but for sure it’s a nippy phone whichever way you look at it


So, in a nutshell, how would I rate the OPPO A71? I would give it a solid 8/10 given its low price, amazing features and superior all-round performance. This is a great smartphone and I suspect that OPPO will win lots of first time customers once they try out their devices given the high quality I experienced.


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