NTV Interview On Questionable Digital Election Campaign Tactics In Kenya

On Monday this week I was interviewed by NTV on questionable digital election campaigns in Kenya that have been running for the past week or two using Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Basically, several paid ads on these platforms had been noticed that pointed to either very negative or very positive digital election campaign destinations with regards to the main presidential candidates in Kenya. The interesting part is that I think this is the first time we have seen such digital election campaigns in Kenya since this has largely been done via traditional media in the past.

Given that Kenya has close to 7 million Facebook users and over 20 million Internet users as of this writing, it appears that digital election campaigns have finally come of age and its more or less an all out digital battering between the main presidential candidates. My view is that these efforts are largely focussed on the Kenyan youth or ‘millennials’ who are mobile-first and always digitally connected – and have the potential to massively influence the outcome of Kenya’s elections in a couple of months time.  You can see the full NTV interview that was broadcast as below:

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