Google’s Most Trending Searches In Kenya From June 2016

Below is a list of the most trending searches on Google in Kenya during the month of June 2016 that I was sent this morning. They make for interesting reading as to what Kenyans were most interested in searching for this month.

Most Trending Searches

  1. Euro 2016
  2. Muhammad Ali

  3. Copa America

  4. Brexit

  5. Moses Kuria

  6. NBA Finals

  7. Father’s day

  8. Christina Grimmie

  9. Stephen Keshi

  10. Orlando shooting

Most Trending ‘What is’ searches

  1. What is Brexit?

  2. What is Ramadan?

  3. What is mubarak eid?

  4. What is KRA returns?

  5. What is a bond?

  6. What is a stroke?

  7. What is pride?

  8. What is ovulation?

  9. What is family planning?

  10. What is diabetes mellitus?

Most Trending ‘How to’ searches

  1. How to file KRA returns

  2. How to treat sore throat

  3. How to treat hot oil burns on face

  4. How to avoid a heart attack

  5. How to style braids

  6. How to treat bloating

  7. How to relieve stomach ache fast

  8. How to get rid of black spots

  9. How to bake a simple cake using a charcoal jiko

  10. How to tie a bandana with dreadlocks

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