Dotsavvy Launches SavvyRide, A Free On-Demand Taxi Mobile App for Kenya

Press Release

Dotsavvy Limited (Dotsavvy), Kenya’s first Digital Business Agency is set to launch SavvyRide, a free on-demand taxi mobile app and service supported though advertising

Nairobi, 1st April 2016 – Kenya’s on-demand digital services space is set to experience the arrival of SavvyRide, a new and free on-demand taxi mobile app to be launched by Dotsavvy from the 1st April 2016. SavvyRide, as Dotsavvy will be soon be rebranded, is an innovative mobile app that enables commuters throughput Kenya to simply ‘push the button’ on their mobile devices and a taxi will come to their location within minutes, for a free ride.

SavvyRide is different from other players in this space such as Uber and Easy Taxi in that it offers its on-demand taxi service free of charge and makes money by running ads on dedicated high definition (HD) screens throughout its taxis. This means that commuters can travel for free throughout Kenya and all they need to do is watch TV commercials for the duration of their ride.

According to Sarah Ntiro, SavvyRide’s Project Manager, the service was developed after over a year of on the ground research to find out what Kenyan consumers were looking for when it came to on-demand taxi services. This research informed the decision to launch SavvyRide to disrupt Kenya’s incumbent on-demand taxi services.

‘By offering SavvyRide, we are making it possible for Kenyans to travel throughout the county for free. No one can argue that this is a value proposition that is hard to beat. As a result, our modest projections show that we can capture over 20% marketshare of the on-demand taxi services market by July 2016 on this basis’ said Sarah Ntiro.

SavvyRide will initially be rolled-out from 1st April 2016 in Nairobi and its environs and will expand over the next few months to Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru and Eldoret. The SavvyRide team has already been recruiting hundreds of taxi drivers in Nairobi who are eager to get started as they want to compete with Uber and Easy Taxi drivers on equal terms.

SavvyRide has also secured key brand advertisers who want to market their offerings to SavvyRide customers as they commute using the free service. SavvyRide’s ultimate ambition is to expand the service not just in Kenya but across Africa and the rest of the world with its radically disruptive business model.

SavvyRide will be available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store from today, the 1st April 2016.

Do remember that today is the 1st April 2016 so this is the perfect day to launch SavvyRide.

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