Kenya’s .KE Domain Names Grew By Over 40% In A Year To Hit 45,685 in June 2015

2014-09-26 16.04.59I saw an email earlier this evening from the Kenya Network Information Centre (i.e. KENIC) which manages and operates the .KE Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) in Kenya that indicated that there are currently 45,685 domains in their registry as of June 2015. This is amazing growth given that this number was 32,508 a year ago as of June 2014 according to the Communications Authority sector statistics report for that period which you can download here. What this means is that .KE domain name uptake in Kenya is (finally?) exploding as it grew by over 40% in just a year.

Another impressive statistic from the KENIC email I received is that .KE domain names registered in the month of May 2015 alone stood at 1881 which in my experience is unheard of. A key driver behind the sudden growth spurt where .KE domain names are concerned could be the major price reductions that were effected in January 2015 by KENIC for domain name registrations and renewals. I did a blog post here on the same as it was quite significant in that some .KE domain name extensions had their prices reduced by over 70%. Going forward, at this rate of growth, it would appear that .KE domain names could finally achieve their mass market potential.

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