Thoughts On Kenyan-Born Chris Froome On The Cusp of Tour De France Glory

Cycling is something I have always loved. I probably started riding bicycles as young as 4 years old and over the years would upgrade and get better at it. I remember a couple of competitions in Mombasa where I grew up in my teens and would often go for long rides with equally enthusiastic friends on the weekends or after school. I remember selling the last bike I owned when I was in my early twenties and over the years have really missed owning one. So, roughly about a year ago, the bug bit me again and I bought myself a second-hand mountain bike that was in excellent condition. Now, even though I don’t get use my mountain bike very often, I do still enjoy taking it out for a spin in the neighbourhood and often in the compound where I live with my son on his bike. Riding a bike is just one of those things in life thats as simple as it is fun at any age.

Chris Froome

Chris Froome is name I was not even aware of a couple of weeks ago. If anything, it only became significant when I started seeing and reading more and more about the on-going Tour De France that ends today. Unless you have been under a rather large rock and have no affinity to sports in Kenya, you would know by now that Chris Froome is almost certainly destined to win the 2013 edition of the Tour De France this evening. You see, the really cool thing is that if Chris actually pulls off the win he will also be the toast of Kenya!

David Kinja

Briton Chris Froome was born in Kenya and learned how to cycle in the tea growing region of Kikuyu on the outskirts of Nairobi. His mentor and trainer in the early years was David Kinja who is one of Kenya’s most successful professional cyclists to-date. As the world-beating cyclist that he is and also the runner-up in the 2012 edition of the Tour De France, its quite surprising how unknown Chris Froome is in Kenya. It also confirms something I have always suspected – that Kenya has the potential to become a world-beating cycling nation if the sport receives the support and attention it requires both from the private and public sectors. I am really really hoping that if Chris wins today it will act as the much needed call to action. Good luck Chris and God speed towards your date with destiny! 🙂

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