Nairobi-born & Kenyan-bred Chris Froome Wins The 100th Edition Of The Tour De France

So. Its almost 11.00 pm on Sunday night and the only reason I am up this late since I normally nod off by earlier was to watch the last few hours of the 100th edition of the Tour De France. I wrote an earlier blog post this afternoon as an Ode to Chris Froome who was still enroute to winning the Tour De France. Indeed, Nairobi-born and Kenyan-bred Chris Froome just made history by winning the Tour De France only a few minutes ago, as of this writing.

chrisfroome2This is really big news for Kenya and Africa as a whole given that this is where Chris started his cycling career at its very nascent stages including time spent in South Africa in later years. If nothing else it does confirm one very important thing – that Africa needs to start taking professional cycling much more seriously since we clearly have all the right ingredients to produce world-beating talents like Chris. Kenya and other African Countries have already confirmed that they have a wealth of athletic depth so it would only be logical to start nurturing cycling talent.

On another note, I could not help but notice how frequently Chris Froome’s African heritage was mentioned in the media over the last few weeks as it became apparent that he could actually win the Tour De France? Indeed, even this evening, they kept talking about Chris as the kid who was born in Kenya who learned how to cycle in Nairobi under fairly humble circumstances. To me, this was HUGE in that Kenya got lots of free marketing that could help drive sports tourism and also generally improve the perception of Kenya as an ideal destination for all sorts of other things? A call to action would be for the Kenya Tourist Board and Athletics Kenya to jump on this bandwagon right away so as to get some mileage in the process? Indeed, appointing Chris as a Goodwill Ambassador for Kenya is the next logical step.

In concluding, congratulations to Chris Froome on winning the 100th edition of the Tour De France and we hope this will be the first of many more to come!

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