HP East Africa shares SME research on Counterfeit Printer Cartridges.

HP MD Charles Maina

One thing is certain, that the whole issue of counterfeit technology products finding their way into the marketplace is a really big issue throughout Africa. More often than not, businesses and consumers end up buying technology products they assume are authentic only to learn the hard way that what they have purchased is actually counterfeit – and often only when it fails to perform as expected. In this respect, HP is one of the technology industry leaders in Africa today taking the lead in ensuring that consumers and businesses can protect themselves from the risks involved in buying and using counterfeit products.

Currently, HP is running a comprehensive and educational marketing campaign in key markets throughout Africa that serves to inform the general public on how to avoid buying and using counterfeit HP printer cartridges. Earlier today, HP East Africa’s Charles Maina and Janet Thiong’o shared the following research findings gathered from small and medium sized businesses on counterfeit printer cartridges in Africa and Kenya which is an eye-opener:

General Facts on the African Market

  • The main criteria that organizations in Africa look for when choosing a supplier is the quality of the product (83 percent); 51 percent of organizations in the region also value long-standing relationships with their supplier based on trust and loyalty.
  • 37 percent of organizations in the region have been victims of counterfeit or suspect that they were sold or offered counterfeit Inkjet or LaserJet cartridges.
  • Most of the organizations in the region felt angry (57 percent) when they found out they were sold counterfeit cartridges; additionally 38 percent of respondents felt let down by their supplier.
  • African organizations cited print quality and inconsistency (69 percent) as the leading indicator to them of counterfeit cartridges.
  • 90 percent of African organizations would consider changing their supplier if they discovered that they sell counterfeit cartridges.

Key findings from Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Kenya

  • 28 percent of organizations in Kenya don’t conduct any research before purchasing Inkjet or LaserJet cartridges.

    HP’s Janet Thiong’o demonstrates genuine ink cartridges
  • Cartridge leaks were cited by more than 40 percent of respondents in Kenya after buying a counterfeit cartridge, slightly higher than the regional (African) average.
  • 31 percent of organizations in Kenya have either been offered or purchased counterfeit or suspected inkjet or LaserJet cartridges.
  • Kenyan organizations cited printer failure as their primary issue when buying counterfeits (64 percent).
  • Kenyan organizations (74 percent) are unique in citing “my computer alerted me that the cartridge might not be genuine”.
  • 58 percent of Kenyans cited that they would feel betrayed or deceived if the LaserJet cartridge they had purchased was counterfeit.
  • 73 percent of Kenyan organizations said that they check the packaging and security label before purchasing a cartridge; this is the highest in the region.
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