[Video] Random chat with InMobi’s Ankit Rawal on Bangalore, Mobile Marketing in Africa and InMobi.

This is an a random video chat that I had about a week ago with InMobi’s Ankit Rawal in Bangalore, India. I recently joined InMobi to head up sales in Africa and I was in Bangalore for a conference and training. Ankit has been at InMobi for over three years and therefore is one of the oldest employees at InMobi – from the days that they used to be known as mKhoj and were based in Mumbai (before relocating to Bangalore).

Ankit was largely responsible for getting InMobi into Africa albeit remotely from India and has key insights on what makes mobile marketing tick here. In addition, as one of the first team members at InMobi, he has seen what was a small bootstrapped start-up grow into the world’s second largest mobile ad network with over 500 employees globally which secured US$ 200 Million funding from SoftBank late last year.  Enjoy the chat below where we talked Mobile Marketing In Africa, Bangalore as India’s technology hub and the rise of Inmobi.

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    Congrats Bangaloreans

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