[Video] Interview with Johann Van Tonder of Naspers Labs.

This is a video interview I had with Johann Van Tonder yesterday at the iHub in Nairobi. Johann is the Internet Strategist at Naspers Labs and he has an interesting and long professional career in South Africa’s media and Internet space. Naspers Labs is sort of a skunkworks for Naspers in South Africa that works on various Internet business projects and initiatives, off the radar.

In the interview, Johann was unable to disclose much about why he was in Kenya and what plans they have for launching some of their initiatives here. However, one thing is certain, in a few months time Naspers Labs will launch at least one of their projects in Kenya, and even possibly in Nigeria. He did however note that Kenya is truly an exciting and fast growing market for technology services across the board.

For those of you who may not know, Naspers is one of world’s leading media groups with operations mostly in emerging markets. Naspers owns MIH Internet Holdings which in turn owns and operates Internet brands such as Dealfish which I happen to run in East Africa. Naspers is quite a large business with lots of diverse interests on a global scale. Therefore, the two-year old Naspers Labs is just one of their many initiatives that aims to build out Internet businesses in Africa and beyond. Enjoy the interview!

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