Facebook Walls are NOT for Marketing.

There is a disturbing trend I have noticed over the last couple of weeks or so on Facebook. Maybe its just me but it seems to be happening with other folks who have a reasonably large number of friends on Facebook. Whatever the case is, it ticked me off to the point I changed my Facebook profile settings so that no one can post on my Wall – friends or otherwise.

The problem that I have noticed is that some of my Facebook friends seem to have decided that posting marketing messages on my Facebook Wall is a good idea. What?! Why would they even think this is a good idea seeing that they could be easily “unfriended” for this not so friendly action.

The thing is, one of the most effective ways of marketing on Facebook is to simply buy Facebook Ads as well as building and managing a decent Facebook Fan Page. Its not rocket science – just do it, right? Its quite simple really – Facebook Walls are NOT for Marketing!

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  1. March 13, 2011 at 6:43 am — Reply

    i haven’t had a wall for the longest time due to wall spamming.

  2. Jonas
    March 14, 2011 at 5:53 am — Reply

    Going through security settings for your account thoroughly is a good way to start. Create a group with very restrictive permissions and put all new friends in there – ppl need to show that they know how to use FB before you can allow them anything 🙂

    Good to have a Group for Business as well who don’t see everything as you probably don’t want your business contacts to see your last family picnic etc.

    And then there is always “Hide all from xyz” for people who just Facebook too much, no need to unfriend.

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