Dealfish Kenya mention in UpNairobi Magazine.

Dealfish Kenya is mentioned in UpNairobi Magazine’s March 2011 edition within an article I was interviewed for titled “mobile revolution in your pocket”. The article looks at how phones are becoming smarter and cheaper and the interesting prospects presented by spin-off products in Kenya. You can read it full here>

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  1. Wainaina
    March 11, 2011 at 9:11 am — Reply

    Sorry, this is very slightly off-topic.

    The mobile revolution, whilst liberating, may have the the end effect of painting our privacy into a corner. People carry their mobile phone everywhere they go and are constantly on it. The first thing that you do when you wake up and the last thing you do when you go to sleep is probably to do something with your phone.

    Running an android device it seems to me that google are giving away the android OS for free in the anticipated near future battle for location based advertising. With their latitude application combined with the apps that you download and what you search for on your phone/sites you visit, google (a third party) can tell not where you are, but what you like to eat, drink, who you communicate with most often, what your habits are etc. Although we can be confident that google won’t sell (although they will use) personal to third parties, how long will it be till data mining companies are set up to monitor all those things? Especially considering that most mobile data isn’t very secure, encryption wise.

    Of course you can choose not to use any of these features but then, what’s the point of having the phone. It’s an interesting trade-off.

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