Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) East Africa Council Meeting – 07.03.2011.

I had the opportunity to attend the Mobile Marketing Association East Africa (MMA EA) Council meeting yesterday afternoon. The MMA EA is part of the global MMA which is the premier global non-profit trade association representing all players in the mobile marketing value chain.

The MMA has more than 700 member companies and is an action-oriented organization with global focus, regional actions and local relevance. The MMA’s primary focus is to establish mobile as an indispensable part of the marketing mix.

The MMA EA event was well attended by leading mobile marketing brands such as Google, InMobi, BuzzCity, MobilePlanet, Jinny Software, etc etc. It was NOT a Kenya event as there were many representatives from South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, the UK and others. MMA EA is being guided with support from the MMA SA (South Africa) which has become quite established and successful in that market.

The 5 building blocks of the MMA at a global level in terms of furthering the mobile marketing cause are as follows:

  • Stimulate growth – 1) promote and 2) educate.
  • Reduce friction – 3) measure, 4) guide and 5) protect.

In terms of the 5 building blocks, the following is the breakdown:

  • Promote – focus is on events, publications, public relations, awards and partnerships.
  • Educate – events, training and certification.
  • Measure – web site, partner program and market data.
  • Guide – to provide direction in how mobile marketing should be done based on best practices.
  • Protect -  consumers and MMA members.

Some of the advantages and benefits of MMA EA membership include access to MMA products and services,  participation in MMA initiatives, promotion of member offerings, influence in the industry and within the MMA, as well as leadership in MMA committees, councils and boards.

MMA works on the basis of global reach and local relevance. In East Africa, MMA EA is looking at faster growth, greater global access, greater participation, promotion, influence, leadership and support of mobile marketing. Opportunities that exist for participation in MMA EA project groups, via membership, include advertising guidelines, education, networking, and public relations.

Key issues discussed for the MMA EA Council.

  • Educating the market on mobile marketing pops and at the same time provide a directory of mobile marketing service providers. In addition, localize mobile marketing guidelines.
  • Protecting the consumer in cases such as SMS fraud and other related areas. This could tarnish SMS marketing in general.
  • East Africa does not have a PRSP association like WASPA in SA and as such the mobile network operators set the standards.
  • Regulators can be an impediment by implementing regulations and policies sthat limit or stagnate the potential of mobile marketing in East Africa without consulting and involving stakeholders.
  • Point made that NO local/regional mobile operators we’re present at the MMA EA Council meeting and yet they probably have the most influence with Regulators in the sector where mobile marketing is concerned. However, the Regulators and Government and mobile network operators have been invited to a roundtable session.
  • The issues affecting mobile marketing are more or less the same throughout East Africa.
  • Online forums and social networks very active at local council levels within the global MMA.
  • Creating local case studies is a key part of public relations for MMA EA.
  • Lack of research on mobile marketing data is a key issue. Its important as it forms the basis for market adoption.
  • In South Africa they created a wiki of mobile web sites – this drove adoption of mobile marketing.
  • How to run a mobile marketing campaign – the basics of what to do is key for success.
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