Motorola launches Backflip, Flipout and Milestone Android handsets in Kenya.

Motorola Backflip

I have been wondering when Motorola would finally launch some of their Android powered handsets in Kenya. Its now a well known fact that Motorola’s global turnaround of its mobile division has been largely due to its shift to Android as its main smartphone operating system. Therefore, it was inevitable that its handsets would eventually find their way to Kenya, especially after the likes of Huawei, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG all launched Android handsets this year.

Motrola Flipout

In a nutshell, the big news this week is that Motorola launched 3 Android handsets. These are the Flipout, Backflip and Milestone Models. As far as media is concerned, no pricing is provided except for the Backflip which is being retailed with Orange at Kes. 24,999.00. The handsets are available at all major retail outlets.

Motorola’s handsets mean that there are now a total of approximately 12 Android handsets available in Kenya to-date, from zero at the beginning of the year – this is impressive!

Considering that Android smartphones are becoming increasingly popular globally, and low-cost models are now available for as little as Kes. 13,000.00 in Kenya, its only a matter of time before they go mainstream in the marketplace. This is a good thing for budding mobile application developers as they can start building local applications that would appeal to Android users.

Motorola Milestone
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