Nokia’s Ovi Store offers great apps for learning in Kenya.

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Nairobi, Kenya, 25 November 2010: Nokia’s Ovi Store is enhancing learning possibilities for Kenyans by expanding their knowledge through a set of applications on the Ovi Store that enables them to improve their know-how. With more young Kenyans in educational institutions and workplaces willing to learn more on mobile phone, Nokia is offering a great opportunity to meet the growing demand in content.

Dorothy Ooko, Communications Manager East & Southern Africa says the growth in the number of applications by Kenyan developers is poised to broaden relevant content for Kenyans in various areas in which Nokia users can access even more localized information. “The mobile phone has proven to be the most popular way to access the internet in Kenya and Nokia is proud to be empowering its’ users with these apps for learning,” said Ms Ooko.

Ms Ooko said the number of apps on Nokia’s Ovi Store have grown by 1400 percent to reach 30 from April to October 2010, indicating new interest and growth of the developers’ community. She added that the Ovi Store has potential to reach over 60 million Nokia devices users globally, and is expected to reach up to 300 million consumers by 2012. This will make it the world’s largest media network.

“Downloads on Ovi Store are on a strong rise driven by new applications and games from a growing number of partners and more than 250,000 new consumers signing up for Ovi every day. We have a fast-growing number of Kenyans downloading these apps, in keeping with the global trend. We see this growth expanding even more especially in education and entertainment as we head to the festivities,” said Ms Ooko.

Last week, Nokia announced that Ovi Store has reached 3 million downloads per day and 92 developers each topped the 1 million download mark. Additionally, Nokia is gaining significant software developer momentum, with more than 400,000 new developers joining Forum Nokia in the past 12 months.

Some of the notable education apps in the Ovi Store include;

Dictionary & Translation Pro

Dictionary & Translation Pro offers easy one-touch access to an extensive online English dictionary, thesaurus, and translation service supporting a wide set of languages including Hindi, Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and many more. The online dictionary features nearly two million words and is constantly updated by a community of language professionals. With Dictionary and Translation Pro you will never be lost for words.

Language Coach

Want to learn English words the easy way? Have fun with Language Coach while you learn common English words. Track your score and see how youre improving your skills.

Learn Science

Learn Science make your children be aware of basic science around him/her. This will make children to learn and experiment with science

IQ Lite

There is a scientifically proven method to increase the IQ. This application contains a brain training exercise known as a Dual N-Back task. According to Swiss researchers, it increases your intelligence in 19 days. The articles about this exercise were published in both scientific and popular journals. Lite version: only the easiest level. The full version is not free, but it could be viewed as an investment as IQ and income are correlated.

Multi Translate

Multi Translate enables you translate words and sentences confidently & easily by Google Translate. How to use? Select input language and target language, then input your original content, then the app will send the request via Internet connection smoothly, it’s this easy! You can set it in homescreen widget or short cut icon for easy access.

Amazing Facts

This application is all about the most amazing crazy fascinating facts and interesting stories about people places history and things.

PhraseBook 18 in 1 Lite

PhraseBook turns your phone into your own personal interpreter, which lets you communicate with the locals without any previous language skills. The following source languages are available for selection: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Slovakian, Hungarian, Greek, Turkish, Czech.

About Nokia

At Nokia, we are committed to connecting people. We combine advanced technology with personalized services that enable people to stay close to what matters to them. Every day, 1.3 billion people connect to one another with a Nokia device – from mobile phones to advanced smartphones and high-performance mobile computers. Today, Nokia is integrating its devices with innovative services through Ovi (www.ovi.com), including music, maps, apps, email and more.  Nokia’s NAVTEQ is a leader in comprehensive digital mapping and navigation services, while Nokia Siemens Networks provides equipment, services and solutions for communications networks globally.

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