Kenya ICT Board’s (Tandaa) Local Content Grants Statistics.

NOTE: The statistics and review results for this blog post have been taken from publicly available information currently being circulated by the Tandaa initiative of the Kenya ICT Board.

As reported on this blog over 2 months ago, The Kenya ICT Board though its local content initiative dubbed “Tandaa” issued a call for proposals from Kenyan firms and software application developers for grants to support local content and software applications.

The proposals submitted for grants are currently being reviewed by the Tandaa team at Kenya ICT Board after applications closed. They recorded a total of 2,154 applications on their online system. Of these, 667 were complete and submitted within the deadline.  With the support of the Tandaa Team at Kenya ICT Board, an independent consultant is now reviewing and grading these 667 proposals.

Given the large number of grants received, the board had had to push the announcement date for successful proposals from the 15th August 2010 to the 31st August 2010. A full report will be submitted to an independent Grants Committee in mid-August 2010. The Committee will then make the final decision and select the successful grantees. Grantees will be announced on the 31st August 2010.

The day after the grants deadline, Kenya ICT Board’s Tandaa Team will send out an evaluation form to get feedback from everyone who had participated in the grant process. Below are some highlights from the evaluation and statistics on the grant process:

  • Total numbers of approved applications we’re split between 103 females and 608 males. Barely 15% of applicants were women.
  • Overall, participants were satisfied with the grant application process with 39.2% indicating they were ‘very satisfied’ and 38.4% ‘satisfied’.
  • Of respondents that did not complete the grant application process, 64% cited ‘lack of supporting documents’ as the leading cause for non-completion, while 7.4% cited ‘lack of internet access’.
  • 20% of respondents have attended a Tandaa Symposium. That comes up to almost 34% of Tandaa participants also participating in the grant application process.
  • And finally… most people submitted their proposals on the very last day! leading to a huge spike in submissions on last day

The full evaluation results can be viewed here>

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  1. August 11, 2010 at 6:52 am — Reply

    Given the fact that i was one of the people who applied for the Digital Village revolving fund, the govt project earlier back, that never seems to materialize, for more than a year now, i find it hard to trust that this one will ever go through. No pun though, just my view.
    .-= Martin Gicheru´s last blog ..Extended power outages should not mean corrupt data =-.

    • August 11, 2010 at 8:26 am — Reply

      @martin noted. Lets see what happens. ICT Board and Tandaa have an excellent team that is getting things done. This may be a new chapter on the way forward.

  2. August 11, 2010 at 4:09 pm — Reply

    @Moses, thanks for the highlights. Check out a few more insights from the survey – as interpreted on my blog.

  3. August 13, 2010 at 11:36 am — Reply

    Vile story ya documents ililetanga noma, inakaa hata afadhali wangeulizia experience za wasee, juu kuna watu wengi wenye huingia hii story ya comps juu ni passion yao tu, si ati walisoma Comp Science. Kama vile KenyanPundit ni lawyer na ye ndio alianzisha Ushahidi
    .-= Mgangagenge´s last blog ..Christian Longomba Unaonaje =-.

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