Kampala connected to Mombasa via 1,500 km fibre optic backbone.

Just read that Kampala City in Uganda is now connected to Mombasa in Kenya via a 1,500 kilometre fibre optic backbone. The fibre has been laid by Alltech Stream East Africa, the parent company of Kenya Data Networks (KDN). The fibre will now be extended to Kigali in Rwanda over the coming months to essentially create an East African Fibre backbone that will connect to the soon to be operational high speed undersea cables in Mombasa.

The cables in Mombasa will begin operations later this month with SEACOM and TEAMS in a couple of months. The implication of the fibre backbone connecting all of East Africa’s major cities is that telecommunication and data costs could drop to as low as 10% of the current satellite-based communications. This is going to make East African regional soci-economic integration significantly more cost-effective and efficient. These are truly interesting times for the region!

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