Kenya’s Top 10 (Mobile) Web Sites and other Interesting Statistics.

Earlier today, I posted a link to story about the rise of Kenya’s mobile web usage as report in the Business Daily. The story prompted me to take a closer look at the mobile web usage trends in Kenya. The state of the mobile web report by Opera Software provided some interesting insights for Kenya:

  • Page-view growth since April 2008: 572.6%
  • Unique-user growth since April 2008: 146.4%
  • Page-views per user: 372 (*)

* – The report also points out that although Kenya is 4th in terms of mobile web usage in Africa, it has the highest number of page views per user, with each browsing 372 pages on average each month.

Basically, this means Kenyan’s are spending lots of time on the mobile web – the most in Africa in fact as of this writing, and its growing massively! I hope analogue and digital marketers in Kenya are reading this post! Its time for Kenyan brands and organizations to start building mobile web sites lest they lose out on this growing market! In fact, we just launched Dotsavvy’s mobile web site at www.dotsavvy.mobi

The other aspect of the Opera state of mobile web report is that it had an interesting ranking of the top 10 mobile web sites in Kenya. Some time last year, I posted a story on the 10 most popular web sites in Kenya. Its interesting to see as below just how different the ranking stands when it comes to the mobile web usage in Kenya:

Kenya Top 10 Mobile Web Sites (April 2009)

  1. facebook.com
  2. google.com
  3. yahoo.com
  4. wikipedia.org
  5. bbc.co.uk
  6. live.com
  7. waptrick.com
  8. hotmail.com
  9. gamejump.com
  10. eastandard.net
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  1. Albert
    May 29, 2009 at 3:07 pm — Reply

    How nation media never made it to the top ten is a wonder.

  2. May 29, 2009 at 4:59 pm — Reply

    @albert its fairly simply why nation media is NOT in the top ten. They don’t have a mobile web site, yet.

  3. October 5, 2012 at 1:39 pm — Reply

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    Free web and mobile sites for all Kenyans!

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