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Looking for a (Savvy) Senior Application Developer.

Do you love to write code?​ Want to work smarter, not harder?
Do you thrive in an work environment that enables you to work on exciting and challenging projects, day in and day out?
Do you like to change the status quo and create value that has long-term impact and rewards?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then we need to talk.

The majority of our client development work is with Open Source such as PHP, Python, AJAX, Javascript, CSS and MySQL.​ We are looking for a talented, proven senior web application developer to join our team.​ The skills previously listed are highly desirable, but there’s always something to be said for talent, potential, and attitude, so if you happen to be a developer with more expertise in other languages (.​NET, Ruby, etc.​) and are open to adding Python, PHP, AJAX, etc.​ to your arsenal, we want to hear from you.

We are looking for the following qualities in a candidate:

  • Interested in learning and have a creative mind that enjoys the challenges of application development
  • Gets excited about clean code but knows that ugly code is out there and dealing with it is an necessity sometimes
  • Enjoys client interaction and problem solving, in a passionate way.
  • Knows the tools of your trade
  • Wants to raise the skill level of the whole team, not just themselves
  • Has the ability to play well with others – we will be welcoming you into our team
  • Has the ability to work independently – coding, testing, gathering requirements, and communicating with clients
  • Knows the value of a great user experience when it comes to building applications
  • Accepts the fact that mistakes will be made and that every experience is an opportunity to get better and improve the working processes within the agency
  • Appreciates that meetings are necessary but detests unnecessarily long or unproductive ones.​ You can’t wait to leave a meeting and go back to writing code!
  • Knows that open, honest and productive communication is key to project success
  • Believes that working less hours smarter is better than working more hours harder
  • Knows that perfection may not be possible but aiming for excellence is realistic
  • Wants a full-time position in a growing company

Are you an application developer who is savvy enough to deal with an intensively customer service oriented digital agency?​ We are that company.​ We consistently deliver for not only long lived and well-maintained clients, but also our new projects.​ They range from Flash intensive brand micro-sites with a major focus on user experience, to ordinary database driven content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal and Typo3. We also work on unconventional projects with interesting and occasionally not so interesting features thrown in the mix.

We will build anything that creates value and pass up those projects that are too cumbersome, outrageous or simply unsustainable.​  On any given day you could be part of a large team building a cutting edge web site or you may be “solo” coding feature enhancements or fixes for a client’s online forms.​ We thrive in a results oriented environment because our team is treated well and our clients are treated even better.

What we need from you:

  • Provable, quantifiable expertise as an application developer (code samples and/​or project descriptions)
  • Provable experience working on web application projects (work history)
  • Salary expectations.

What we don’t need from you:

  • We don’t enjoy reading lists – especially not a list of the 50 technologies you know.​ If your resume doesn’t make it clear that you have focus on a specific web technology(s) then you’re just wasting both of our time sending us your CV – and nobody enjoys having their time wasted.
  • If you are looking to ladder climb and want to play politics this is also not the place for you.​ You are happy to work and are ready to address and solve problems as they arise.​ We do not pretend to know everything and mistakes are likely in every endeavor.

Where you will work:

We have a great office in one of Nairobi’s quieter suburbs near the city centre with lots of windows and a very open floor plan. We dress down most of the time, but are always at our best in front of clients.​ We are professional and the management team is very hands on and engaged with the work that is done.

We try very hard not to require more hours that are required of anyone and we strive to work 8.30 to 5.00 pm every day with a one hour lunch break.​  That said, we’re flexible and recognize that we all have lives outside of the office – and we also know that sometimes, especially when deadlines demand it, normal working hours just won’t get the job done.​  When it doesn’t, we act accordingly – and we show our appreciation when people step-up.​  We use our leave days and so will you, for your sanity and ours.

If think that your that special talent we may be looking for, kindly send us your CV on

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