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Oprah just joined Twitter – and she’s already got over 110,000 followers!

In more Twittermania on the web this week following Ashton Kutcher winning the 1 million follower challenge with CNN, Oprah Winfrey has bestowed her first class media credentials on the micro-blogging service. The amazing thing is that in a matter of days, she has already got over 110,000 followers on Twitter as of this writing.

All things considered, Oprah could use her global reach and gold-plated credentials, to set-up a new Twitter challenge – to become the fastest Twitterer ever to reach over 1 million users. I am betting this could happen within the next month or so if she pumps up the challenge using her global visibility and popularity.Once again, more evidence of the “media of one” emerging trend! More on the Oprah Twitter launch here >>

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  1. April 19, 2009 at 3:23 pm — Reply

    She’s was at +300,000 last i checked i bet she will be the ‘fastest to 1million’ – trust Oprah!

    Its a bit annoying tho… good for the folks at Twitter – they were growing rapidly before but they are bound to turbo now that mainstream media is gaga about tweeting. Soon everyone and their mother will be on twitter and there will be endless chatter ‘going to bed now’ and ‘getting lunch’. It will be interesting to see how tweeter trends change… will hot tweet trends now be ‘how to make a perfect sponge cake’ or whatever oprah will be tweeting about?

    Did you see this: The media’s fake Twitter backlash begins –

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