Housing Finance’s micro sites go live!

Housing Finance is the leading mortgage finance institution in Kenya. Established over 40 years ago, Housing Finance has been “turning dreams into homes” for thousands of Kenyan families and housing developers. Mainly by providing easy access to mortgage finance and by enabling our clients to save money as they build, buy and own their homes. In 2008, Housing Finance selected Dotsavvy to implement micro sites for its 1st HOP and Makao products. These micro sites we’re successfully launched in the months of January and February 2009.

firsthop11st HOP stands for First Home Ownership Plan which is a savings product for first time home owners. The product targets 25 to 30 year old Kenyans who have a regular income and are able to save a minimum of Kes. 4,000.00 per month for a period not exceeding 10 years. The goal of implementing the redesigned 1st HOP micro site was to create an engaging and rich multimedia experience that would appeal to the target audience – aspirational young homeowners. Dotsavvy achieved the requirements of the client brief by implementing the micro site entirely in Flash, integrating a social bookmarking module and creating a facebook profile page. In addition, the 1st HOP micro site has online tools such as mortgage and savings calculators that are designed to assist prospective customers to determine what sort of mortgage repayments they can afford. Dotsavvy is also developing a comprehensive internet marketing program that will ensure the site reaches Kenyan’s at home and in the Diaspora.

Makao is a product for Kenyans who would aspire to own properties without going through the hassles of construction. Makao provides a seamless end to end solution by involving a consortium of building professionals to oversee the construction and deliver within a specified time period. Makao also offers cost savings of up to 20% on total cost of construction. The Makao micro site required an online catalogue of the various kinds of houses and apartments that we’re available within the product offering. At the same time, as a product geared towards Kenyans in Kenya and the Diaspora, it was essential that Dotsavvy achieve a high-end aesthetic and refined user experience that would lead to conversions. In order to do so, Dotsavvy adapted various multimedia presentations of properties offered by Makao by creating a Youtube Channel dedicated to showcasing them. The Makao micro site also has an online mortgage calculator to assist prospective customers to determine different scenarios for mortgage repayments. The micro site also has a content management system and social bookmarking module integrated. Dotsavvy will also be deploying an internet marketing campaign for Makao in due course.

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