President Mwai Kibaki signs controversial Communications Bill.

Earlier this evening, President Mwai Kibaki signed into law the (seemingly?) controversial Communications Amendment Bill 2008. This breaking story has been captured online at the both the Daily Nation and East African Standard web sites. The Bill has been signed even as Kenyan Media, in particular, and Kenyans, in general, have expressed concerns about the Bill as there are aspects about it that will (potentially?) seriously limit media rights in Kenya and also affect Kenyans freedom of expression and privacy.

There are aspects about the Bill that address some long standing issues such as internet e-commerce which is very overdue for Kenya so one has to take a balanced view of both the positive and negative implications. In trying to better understand the issues surrounding the Bill, I found the following interesting links to blogs and news sources that provide some good insights on the Bill, both for and against the same:

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