Robert Mugabe’s Madness!

I have just found out from CNN.com that over 1100 people have died from the Cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe and over 20,000 are sick with the illness. To-date, over one quarter of Zimbabwe’s population has left the country and now children are also abandoning Zimbabwe and moving to South Africa. The crippling inflation is also still on the rise and its amazing to imagine how Zimbabwean’s manage to survive today. This is all in light of the fact that Robert Mugabe continues to rule his fast declining country that is suffering an economic and humanitarian meltdown.

Quite frankly, I am flabbergasted and appaled at Robert Mugabe’s insistence on destroying Zimbabwe which once was known as the bread basket of Africa. Its amazing that the whole world and especially world leaders seem to be unmoved by the moral ineptness and ethical stink of Robert Mugabe. Zimbabwe is a country that was once a gem of Africa and even rivalled South Africa in its progressiveness. How the current situation was arrived at Zimbabwe is simply an atrocity! Ultimately, it looks like a wait and see scenario so lets pary and hope for Zimbabwe’s liberation from Robert Mugabe’s Madness!

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