Orange Kenya to launch Apple’s iphone

Apple iphone logoThere is a teaser Orange Kenya ad in today’s Sunday Nation that states the following:

It will change

your status

your views

your world


Thursday 11 (in an iphone icon format)

So, its finally happening, as some had speculated months ago. Orange Kenya is launching Apple’s iphone in Kenya on Thursday the 11th December 2008 at their customer service office on Peponi Road, Westlands (8.00 pm)! This should be interesting. I am really keen to see what sort of price they will be selling the sexy iphone for in Kenya. Currently, many iphones in Kenya are the older non-3g model and are (still!) retailing for around Kes. 50,000.00 (these are the the network “unlocked” phones by the way) – this is really ridiculous since in other markets, the 3G iphone retails for around Kes. Kes. 15 – 20,000.00. What remains to be seen if they are launching the phone primarily for the consumer or business market. This will determine if the iphone may end being offered on Orange Kenya as post-paid or pre-paid services. Whatever the case, I am really looking forward to finally getting an iphone!

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  1. Omar
    May 19, 2010 at 1:30 am — Reply

    The iPhone has a great set of apps but let’s face it, the basic phone is for crap

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