Standard engines for Formula One by 2010

This is great news! Just found out that Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula One Supremo is calling for the sport to impliment drastic cost cutting measure. In this case, he wants all Formula One teams to use a homologated engine by the year 2010. This course of action is largely being neccesitated by the fact that Formula One has become such an expensive sport and at current rates, its possible that two teams may exit within the next year. Another major factor in this call is that the melting financial markets in the US and Europe mean that major Formula One sponsors will have to cut back on their spending significantly. Ecclestone’s proposal would see each team still building their own engine, however, it would be done to a standard design while team’s without manufacturers would have theirs built by an independent contractor. This sort of plan could create the most amazing propsect of more teams joining the Formula One game. A crazy idea that floats into my mind is what if top African brands could sponsor an African Formula One team just like Force India have done for India? Now that would be one fantastic possibility don’t you think? Infact, I’d say its very realistic and definately worth taking seriously.

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  1. October 14, 2008 at 3:42 am — Reply

    The cost of formula one has been escalating each year, and the attrition of one team dropping out every two years is normal.

    Other motorsports have done this, so Bernie’s idea is not that revolutionary. Still, the gap between teams has come down this year, so the sport may be satisfied with just encouraging more sharing of engine and other car parts, but not agreeing to use one engine.

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