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I recently found out about Africa 24 Media, an ambitious initiative that aims to take African News and Media to the next level. The multifaceted Africa 24 Media just launched its web site as the primary delivery channel for African content, from all countries and sources, within and beyond the continent. I just had a look at it and its already looking quite impressive. The videos load quickly and one can stream as effortlessly as on YouTube. You can also download video files and buy content from the site. The only lacking thing I can see is that the navigation and overall presentation needs improvement to put it on par with the likes of CNN and the BBC, as well as more local/Kenyan media sites like the Daily Nation. In addition, they really need to leverage Web2.0 technologies and web sites so as to spread the word faster through social networks, blogging, etc. Other than that, the content is great and I plan to visit it often! Hats off to  Salim Amin who is the founder of Africa 24 Media for taking this bold step forward for African Media.

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  1. June 26, 2009 at 3:19 am — Reply

    Thanks for your comments. We have indeed made significant improvements on the website. We would appreciate a second opinion from you.

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