The Chinese Olympics Illusions

China's He Kexin You really have to hand it to China. The Beijing Olympics will set a new standard in terms of execution for all future games. From the amazing opening ceremony to the stunning sports facilities and clockwork methodology, the Beijing Olympics have demonstrated why the West is running scared of the Chinese Dragon – these guys are really really good. Which brings me to my next point, the Chinese Olympics Illusions. The illusions I speak of started at the opening ceremony when the cute little girl who sang was actually lip-syncing whilst the real singing girl who was not considered cute enough was hidden in the background. The illusions continued when we found out that the spectacular fireworks display at the opening ceremony that was televised was actually a computer generated spectacle. Finally, we find out the Chinese women’s gymnastic team may have fielded girls under the age of 16 years old which is the minimum age for one to participate at the Olympics – He Kexin is only 14 years old apparently and she won a gold medal at the uneven bars last week. The impression I am getting from all of these illusions is that if China will do anything to win and be seen as winners with the Beijing Olympics, what are they capable of as an economic juggernaut that is creating a new world order? I guess pretty much anything and thats not an illusion!

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