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Dotsavvy featured on the Grelle Welle Blog

Earlier this month, I was contacted by Gunnar Graupner, an Freelance Information Architect who consults for top global digital agencies Pixelpark and Sapient in Germany via this blog. Gunnar, it turns out was in Nairobi to work for a client on their web site project and was looking to meet some of the local digital agencies in Kenya.

Gunnar and I had lively chat with Robert Koech, my co-founder and co-director in Dotsavvy over lunch. What I learned from our discussions is that Dotsavvy is on the right path even through we have a lot to learn in what it takes to be a typical world-class digital agency.

That being said, Gunnar was kind enough to do a posting on his blog on Dotsavvy. The posting itself is in German so I used to Google Translate to capture what he had to say here although there are some obvious grammatical issues!


Dotsavvy OfficeIn Nairobi is growing not just dandelions. No, here too can not stop progress. According to Moses Kemibaro – Business Development Director of the Agency dotsavvy – are also in Nairobi fibre-optic networks relocated to a wider access to mass at www. So far, most of the few users in Nairobi by satellite or Wimax to the Web. One can imagine that this service is not cheap. But next year thanks to improved infrastructure services around the network experiencing a strong upswing.

Now to dotsavvy: What do you do when you’re in Nairobi schrubbt Internet sites? Man googlet “times for local agencies and looks at the work. I am then on the blog of Moses Kemibaro gestoßen and as always grabbed my curiosity, so I make an appointment on the ground in the premises of dotsavvy made.

To give us a bit closer, I got an agency presentation, which is also not different from my. Then the ice was broken. This was followed by discussions on new trends, technologies and state-of-the-art Web applications. The guys down there are well informed, knew even the Mercedes TV website.
Interestingly, I found, the statement made by Moses that Kenya still no e-commerce law was adopted. Say – there are simply not electronic shopping carts – because it will correct soon booming.

Dotsavvy OfficeThen I got a tour of the premises. The employees are all in business clothes. ” There is no “hip” designer, are no discussions or ashtrays – it actually worked. It took me a little errinnert to India, where the offices were full of a lot. Among the services provided by the Agency can each a corporate image on your site. Personally, I had the impression that there are very capable people. Dotsavvy one of the top online agencies in Kenya.

Of course, I also will not deny that dotsavvy European partnerships estimates. A Danish Agency will use the expertise already in place. So if you think of outsourcing, meets with security is a good choice when it comes to corporate sites is – especially as the time difference only one hour.

I thank you again for the hospitality and interesting discussions. I hope that we will soon implement a project together.

Thanks to Moses 😉


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