SiteReview: Edition 2

Redesign your lifestyle.

The Four Hour Work Week is a recent New York Times Bestseller written by Tim Ferris, the self appointed guru of how to get more done in less time using “Lifestyle Design”, a term he quoted. Tim’s blog, Experiments in Lifestyle Design, has lots of interesting and useful topics such as “How to lose 20 pounds of fat in 30 days without exercising” to “The art of letting bad things happen (and weapons of mass distraction)”. Tim has perfected the process of getting the most out of your life.

Mzungu Chick.

The Lost White Kenyan Chick Blog brings a smile to your face the moment you start reading the latest posting. The “chick” is currently writing mostly on the Kenyan political scene where she puts a humorous spin on her observations of what’s happening. Her writing style is at times funny and also very real – she really cuts and dices the issues in to a friendly and easy to digest format. Check out her recent postings on the mediation talks going on in Kenya to get an idea of what I mean – she definitely has a fun edge!

Get Wowed!

Tom Peters is one of the world’s leading management gurus. He authored the ground breaking “In search of excellence” 25 years ago and has written lots more in the way of thought provoking management books. On his blog, Tom explores a whole range of business and personal development topics, from “100 Ways to Succeed and Make Money” to “The Brand You50”. He has a practically limitless reservoir of knowledge online that anyone would find priceless. I especially like his use of endless exclamation marks, to get his insights to hit home!

Kenya Cricket.

The Kenya Cricket site is dedicated to promoting and talking about Cricket in Kenya, and promoting Kenyan Cricket to the Rest of The World. I liked this site for the fact it’s a blog of passion about Kenyan Cricket which doesn’t have the popularity of football or rugby in Kenya. The coverage on game and results, from the Nationals to the Under 15s, is comprehensive and well written. We need more sports oriented blogs in Kenya like this one.

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