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Serena Williams, currently ranked second in women’s tennis world, flew in to Kenya this week to open the Serena Williams Secondary School. This is really great stuff! The school was partly funded by her as a charity project as well as Hewlett Packard, the global ICT products and services company.

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According to Time Magazine, Google’s much touted mobile handset platform, Android, is set to have its first “go live” on the HTC Mobile “Dream” phone via the T-Mobile network on the 23rd September 2008. Android, which is an open source mobile platform has received lots of attention since the initiative

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I seem to be a little behind the news lately so I only found out this morning that Orange Kenya, Kenya’s third GSM mobile network operator has launched, as has their web site at – it is indeed world-class in terms of design and technology. However, on closer inspection,

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