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I love Google. Their search and online advertising services are simply fantastic! Their Google Apps productivity suite is innovative, and especially their Gmail service has become one of most popular web-based email services. As a matter of fact, our firm has been configuring the same for a good number of

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Today’s Business Daily Newspaper has an article on Kenyan businesses and professionals using social media and social networking as a marketing and service delivery channel. I was interviewed for the same by Business Daily’s Wanjiru Waithaka and I am quoted in it. You can read the article in full on

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random Nairobi 31st March 2009 As of today new detailed maps of many Kenyan towns including Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and Nakuru are accessible on Google Maps through any web browser or via Google Maps for mobile on data enabled handsets. The new service means that Google Maps users will now

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